With all my landscapes I try to capture a mood, a view of a landscape can look very different when the mist rolls in or the snow falls. If you are interested in any of these pictures please email me on the contact page. All the pictures are sympathetically framed in a neutral style.

misty sheep

Low hanging mist. Image area measures 36cm x 26 cm. For sale fully framed.

Edge of the Winter meadow. Image area measures 16.5cm x 16.5cm. Sold

wood anenomes

Carpet of Wood Enenomes. Image area measures 28cm x 17.5cm. Sold

still winter day

Still Winter day. Image area measures 19cm x 15cm. For sale fully framed.

misty lane

Mist hangs over Frog Lane. Image area measures 25.5cm x 16.5cm. Sold

autumn trees

Bright October day. Image area measures 24.5cm x 16.5cm. Sold

When creating a landscape with a mist in I tend to layer subtle washes and build up the image that way. With snow the stark difference between dark and light can be difficult to handle which is why the mid tones provide such an important part. For example the picture with the track leading up to the gate the balance of lights and darks is achieved through the use of shadow on the snow removing the starkness of the white.