In my work I try to capture the incidental aspects of life, fallen autumn leaves or the cows waiting in the farmyard to be milked. All are little things which make up the whole of life.
The other thing I try to portray in my paintings is peace and tranquillity, the serenity of a mist covered landscape where all extraneous noise dissipates into silence.

For the most part I work from my own photographs at home in my studio, I know some people frown on this but if you think I’m going to sit in the middle of a field in sub zero temperatures just to capture the falling snow you have another think coming! That said I do enjoy going out on location painting, it requires different way of working which I also enjoy, because of course one of the great challenges of location painting is the changing light.
I also work from life, I love nothing more than going on a walk in Autumn collecting leaves and bringing them home to paint.

I tend to work on Bockingford 200lb not paper as this is the whitest paper that I know of. It gives me a luminosity which other papers do not. I also use Saunders Waterford 200lb this is a slightly creamier paper but it has a smooth texture which is useful in detailed pictures.

The paints I use are Winsor and Newton Artists watercolours, as to the colours I use I tend to go by eye which isn’t very helpful but it’s the way I work. What I would say is that it is rare of me to use more than eight different colours in a painting as I feel any more and the painting looks a little busy and I like a cohesive image. For example the cow paintings use no more than four colours.
Although I use Watercolours for the vast majority of my work I do occasionally paint in acrylic, this offers me a freedom which I enjoy. I adopt a different technique when using acrylic, bold broad layers of colour: detail goes out the window which is good fun sometimes.

How I paint

I think seeing how different artists paint is very interesting, because no two artists paint in the same way.
Below are two examples of the way I work, in the form of sequential slide shows.
The first one is one of my abstract pieces of work which shows how I work, it is a layering technique which grows out of the painting stage by stage.
The second is a portrait of a dog, the stages show how it grows out from the eye in an organic way. The painting was a commission and was published in the Leisure Painter magazine in 2007.

Both slide shows demonstrate the two different ways I work:

The Hares:

The Dog: