We have taken the decision to leave Andrew's website accessible, as a tribute to his passion for painting and as a legacy of his work.

Andrew Boult

As you will be aware by now my brother passed away on the 29th November 2010 after a courageous battle with a heart condition that affected him throughout his life. For many of us it is hard to comprehend why such a talented and generous spirited person lived such a short life. Somebody told me after he died that the brightest stars live the shortest time. I think this is true of Andrew.

Andrew knew that the exhibition in 2010 was to be his last. For many people, Andrew’s death came as a shock, as he courageously hid his deteriorating and often debilitating condition from all but his very close friends and family. He must have felt a sense of fulfilment knowing that he had created his best pieces of work and finished on a high.

I see myself as incredibly lucky to have had Andrew as my brother and my best friend. Growing up with someone so caring and unique was a real privilege. His artistic abilities showed themselves early on and throughout his life Andrew never once showed an egotistical artistic nature, he had his feet firmly on the ground and had a quiet unassuming nature. Andrew left a lasting impression with those he knew, whether it was with his artwork or through his caring attitude to those around him. Many people who met Andrew would remember him for his wicked sense of humour, witty comments often delivered with a deadly serious face. To his last day Andrew had dignity and integrity.

As a family we have suffered the loss of Andrew greatly. I am sure you can understand the tragedy of losing someone at the age of 38 and the black hole that he has left behind. We miss Andrew very much and there is not a day that goes by where he is not mentioned or thought about. Rebuilding family life after losing someone as special as Andrew has been a difficult and heartbreaking task.

Andrew told me the day before he died that he would live on in his artwork. It is true he has left behind a lasting legacy that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Perhaps his star is still shining!